Of the vast multiple universes, both seen and unseen, we know one thing for certain: we are energy.

I’ve often wondered if our physical bodies are nothing but houses for this energy. That our experiences here, in this heavy realm, are for the purpose only of learning to manipulate heaviness, to change the unchangeable, and navigate blindly for the purpose of seeing better.

Perhaps like lifting weights, it makes a life of energy easier, so we sign onto this experience. Similar to walking in ocean after the heaviness of walking through sand on the beach, maybe this type of lifting makes things easier later.

But where does it go? What does it become? How can we see this essence of who we really are? And perhaps most importantly, what exactly does ‘later’ mean in an expanse where time isn’t measured?

The longer I live the more I think our bodies are designed more for communicating ‘out’, rather than absorbing ‘in’. Like television sets, we see things don’t work when the power is out, but when it is on, it communicates to us, and the ‘power’ itself is largely unseen.

There are clearly common wavelengths we use here – positivity, and the energy of love seem to encourage life in all its forms. (With the exception of my dismally failed Masaru Emoto rice experiment). From children to violets, love and measured inattention – akin to faith – seem to work best.

When it comes to spirit, I’m puzzled we must forget a language we must know so well. Its familiarity wafts through music and gentle breezes, and weaves through deja vu moments. It appears curiously in artwork hypnotically created, and yet we don’t speak it.

But, it serves us to remember – physically, at least, we know we come from eternal stock:



One thought on “Energy

  1. Kathy,
    This is so aptly and truthfully done. How proud I am, that my daughter reasons spiritually as well as with logic. You are a courageous and stalwart soul, who writes of the abstract and the spiritual like a wordsmith of God. I love you.


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