#sharktankcastingcall in Des Moines

Monday I saw a Facebook notice about a casting call to appear on the angel investor show, Sharktank. Since pulling life back together and have some free time, I figured what the hell. I have two inventions (one jointly shared by me & Kevin and the other is mine with his help too). I can only present one idea – since I have samples for only one, I’m a bit torn. Also with StickerSkinz the novelty and color are appealing and easy to understand.

Ughhhh! Kevin speak up! What should I do? I know he’d say “whatever you want to do.” Since that’s how he lived life. Boy being an indecisive libra is difficult. But wish me luck anyway. If nothing else I’ll be making a toast to Kevin to new experiences.


2 thoughts on “#sharktankcastingcall in Des Moines

  1. My comment is. Go for it! My 80th birthday is next month. I am not sorry for any thing I have accomplished ,just the ones I have never tried.


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