Incredible parallels after Kevin’s death.

There are so many different weird things going on, I can only start at one point. It will take many different blog entries to catch you up on all of the strange, impossible coincidences that make me certain Kevin is around, very much alive spiritually, and even funny – still.

Since I have a house full of people after the funeral and my quiet time is limited, let me simply start with what happened today. It’s only 10:32 am.

Below is a drawing I did while I was pregnant with Brad in 1985. It was hot that summer in St. Louis. We finally got an air conditioning window unit, and I spent hours drawing this while on bed rest during my last month of pregnancy. I just drew whatever fancied me – I had been doing a lot of figure drawing, while a few other elements like chess pieces and the camel were direct references to my first marriage. The rest were just from my imagination.

Waking up yesterday, my eyes were drawn to the pink and blue male nude.

My drawings are always prophetical, but this one stunned me because it is so old. While drawing it at the time, I wanted to know the future of things. I drew myself looking up at my future.

The male figure that’s  blue and pink, if you’ll notice – the blue side is tied or restricted and the arm is gone. The pink side is normal. My first thought as I studied this that morning was how this reminded me of Kevin, as he was paralyzed on his entire right side the month before he died. ‘Interesting’, I thought.

Then came the funeral, which was full of amazing coincidences I’ll have to write about later, but here are some prompts to help me remember:

Light bulbs keep going out at critical times – right after Kevin’s passing, and right after I returned home after a psychic reading about him.

Everyone is getting chills.

Some kids feel Kevin’s hand on their shoulder. Some kids hear footsteps, most get chills when we connect the dots about some symbolic moment. 

Kevin’s first Facebook IM to me “I love you” took place June 28, 2009. My first response to him, “Love you too” was July 3, 2009 at 5:43. My eulogy for him was done in front of the group during his memorial, and as I explained the bizarre coincidence of not only that note being precisely 5 years later to the date of his funeral – but also discovering this note that very day. During my speech a bout this oddity, I paused to ask my sister in law the time, and it was 5:41. So I delivered Kevin’s eulogy nearly precisely to the minute, 5 years after I sent my first “IM” message to him “Love you too”. Incredibly, this was also something I was able to share with 100 or so other people.

Hannah and I were overwhelmed by the very strong smell of Kevin’s wood shop at Lone Star Steak House – which should have smelled like steak. When other family members arrived they didn’t smell it.

Hannah connected the meaning of a painting I did during Kevin’s and my first conversation, and got goosebumps all over in our 90 degree van, since the AC is broken.

Could the figure helping and praying for the blue side of the male figure be me? I wasn’t sure until this morning.

BECAUSE of the geisha. I have no idea why I drew a geisha there – for years. But the night of the funeral, as I lay in our bed, still in the dining room – Jordan my son in law, and Brad my oldest son, were talking with me. Jordan massages Kara’s feet every night, so he massaged mine. My feet were SO sore after being on them all day. He kept saying “You have knots here, and knots there”. It was NOT a comforting massage! He was hurting my calves so bad!

So here’s the thing with the geisha – Jordan is 1/4 Japanese. And see where I placed this face thirty years ago? Right next to the calves. The calves have spots on them, by the way – knots. This doesn’t explain the rest of the image, but it tells me my l life map is here, and confirms the signposts along the way. The mime also is significant, since I referred to miming as we dealt with Kevin’s inability to speak. Also interesting that the mime appears on his functioning side.







3 thoughts on “wow

  1. I have had these things happening to me and my husband has been gone almost 10 years!!!!! Maybe when you come to Chatt we can meet….Dawn can tell you who the Bonds are:))) my thoughts and prayers are with you…in my mind Kevin is still a teenager so I have so enjoyed hearing about him as a man…GOD bless


  2. Another oddity… The last thing Kevin ate was 2 teaspoons of chocolate pudding with orange tablets broken up into it. No cherry. So even the chocolate is significant. The jack in the box in the corner is significant because I once
    Thought of Kevin’s dad as “Jack in the box” because his sister pointed to a wooden box and said “That’s where Jack is,” and I tried not to laugh. The picture of the old woman I’m the corner appears to be pushing the Jack-I’m-the-box off a cliff, but she’s not. She’s touching it as it lies between two worlds – physical and spiritual. Although I’ve never met Kevin’s dad, I’ve dreamed of him and accurately described a certain hand gesture he used to make (discussed in the post “heaven needs a phone”).


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