New shoes, one misstep

The clock in the hospital room.


It was a day of irony that started with shoes, then a terrible fall.

Kevin woke earlier than I this morning. I noticed he was up, so I went downstairs. He had already showered and was resting in his easy chair. He was in a hurry to buy some walking shoes.

“I need to finish this illustration first, then we can go,” I said (a portrait for friends I’m working on). I asked Kevin if he was hungry, and he told me he had already eaten a few mini cupcakes in the kitchen. Two hours later I was showered and ready to go. Our quest for fine arch support and easy to wear walking shoes was about to begin.

Kevin, who rarely asks for anything for himself wanted a good pair for walking. Not the Wal-Mart kind. I was excited and glad he wanted to get a couple of nice things for himself for once.

Kevin and I, both used to shoe-ing big broods of kids, aren’t used to fancy shoe shopping.  I had to call my sister to find out where the good shoes are! After trying a few, we went to the mall and found the perfect pair of some white, name brand shoe. We also picked up some comfy shorts, socks and t-shirts. We did a lot of walking. Kevin was tired and craving Chick-Fil-A, so we got lunch at 10:45.

We brought lunch home. Mom was gardening and weeding for us (looks great, by the way!). Kevin ate, drank lemonade and settled in for a nap. I ran a couple errands. When done we watched TV. I fell asleep as Kevin had his eyes closed, and the lull of “How It’s Made” put me to sleep. I fell asleep during the segment of how copper is made. I’m so angry I fell asleep when I did. I was so comforted that he was resting and the TV was so soothing, air was so cool it just lulled me to sleep. Yet how could I do this??

A very dangerous fall

I suddenly woke to a big CRASH! The shower doors! I immediately recognized the sound of them and came running.

Kevin fell – he had apparently gotten up from his nap to go into the bathroom. He fell flat on his face and was knocked out cold, face down on the bathroom floor. He landed on his forehead. It was unthinkable. I was the only one home, and had a very hard time moving him. I moved his head somewhat so it was resting on towels as pillows, then grabbed my cell phone and called 911. Then I moved him to his side. 

The wound on his stomach opened up at the top from the fall. He had literally landed on his eye brows, and now has big bruises there. I usually always wake up when he gets up – but today was different. The fire department and ambulance arrived. A surgeon said the wound could be treated without surgery. A CT scan revealed a lot of swelling in his brain. After a few hours in the ER he was admitted for observation and IV fluids. I’ll learn tomorrow how to do a wet/dry pack for his wound.

It’s unlikely we will make it to our oncology appointment tomorrow. Kevin should be released tomorrow afternoon. He’s doing pretty well and is talking now, which is a relief.

Please keep him in your prayers.


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