May 21 in hospital

Kevin was put in emergency surgery at 2am. He’s recovering very well. Challenges ahead include how to start him on steroids again, and when to resume cancer treatments.

What’s happened is that a cancerous mass in his abdomen suddenly got so large it created two problems – an obstruction in his small intestines, as well as a condition where a portion of the intestine starts going into itself. While previously nauseated, he was in enormous, sudden pain which increased to intolerable as the day went on. This is a life-threatening condition requiring immediate action and decisiveness. (Another one.)

The original reason we came to the ER was shortness of breath, which ended up being a very small, albeit dangerous, lung clot. So today’s care was precarious to start, as the team juggled keeping a recent brain bleed under control by giving him heparin for the clot (which can cause a re-bleed. He had brain radiation on top of that today.

Before this new diagnosis about his intestines, I posted this original FB post above shortly after I was literally in tears begging the nursing staff to PLEASE give Kevin pain meds immediately. Kevin was in tears he was in so much pain. Say what you will about prayer, but the harder-working night crew came on and BOOM, in 45 minutes the situation was suddenly different. (Thank you for being here Maureen and Kristin – right at the perfect time).

They liberally gave him pain meds from that point on. Competent docs and surgeons listened unlike the moronic idiot who kept telling Kevin he shouldn’t be hurting that much, only an hour before. Earlier Kevin’s tears were falling upon deaf ears, and I was threatening to take him to another hospital so he would at least have relief. It was insane. I have no idea why some docs and nurses act this way about pain meds that are not even high up on the narcotic scale, or why testing alludes them. I kept asking for a CT of his abdomen, explaining I feared another clot, but in his intestines. It was insane – then very suddenly calm and reason prevailed, and people started listening. Did it help that I made a complaint to the hospital? Who knows. I only know there was a marked difference and people suddenly slowed and listened.

Whether pausing to think of us, or praying – these mean so much to us. Thanks all of you. We don’t care how the love is shared or what your beliefs are. We’re only flattered that there is so much care and concern – it keeps us going and is our most regular source of happy tears.


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