Who doesn’t love a good hat?

Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 1.07.31 PM

I’ve always loved hats, and never had an excuse to wear one. Now I do! Like Kevin’s fedora and cool looks from years past, hats provide important protection, as well as swagger.

hat swagger quinn style

While skin cancer is on the rise worldwide, melanoma is being called “Australia’s cancer”. It affects around 400,000 Australians a year. In fact, much of the articles I run into are about Australians coping with the disease, research there and promoting awareness about safety in the sun. This is the place to watch. While skin cancer is on the rise, Australia definitely leads the world in the number of cases. Thankfully they’re on it, and offering good advice as well as pursuing cures and treatments.

Safety in the sun campaigns are showing to be effective. After a major push to educate the public about sun safety with their “Slip, Slop and Shove” campaign, skin cancer rates among younger Australians are finally falling. So follow their lead! No matter your age, it pays to cover up, put on sun screen and avoid the sun’s peak hours, during the hottest part of the day – generally around 11-3pm (the very hours we used to try to get in the sun to tan!).

Now, just to get gloves back in the scene for my near-OCD disdain for public handrails! But wait, there’s a cure for that!



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