Masaru Emoto rice

I finally got around to trying the Masaru Emoto rice experiment for myself. I’m not sure if instant rice makes a difference. I had some left over, and two identical glass jars. According to the experiment you’re supposed to label one jar with “love and gratitude” and the other “you fool” – which I changed. You’re supposed to focus your thoughts as labelled to each jar.

The negatively labelled jar is supposed to rot and mold as normal. The positively labeled jar is supposed to ferment and remain mostly white rice.

I’ll post the results as we go. I’m excited to see what happens!

masaru emoto rice experiment

3 thoughts on “Masaru Emoto rice

    • Ha! This cracked me up! Yes, there was water in the rice. Unfortunately though, they both equally developed mold. I may try this again in different containers to see what happens.


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