Melanoma treatments for those with the BRAF V600 K mutation

Recently FDA approved meds for the BRAF v600 K gene mutation include – This treatment was FDA approved Jan 10, 2014 for this combination of meds. The combo is more effective than taking one med, and also reduces side effects.

Mekinist with Tafinlar for Melanoma. 01/10/2014. The FDA approved Mekinist (trametinib) in combination with Tafinlar (dabrafenib) to treat patients with advanced melanoma that is unresectable or metastatic. Mekinist and Tafinlar are used to block signaling in different sites of the same molecular pathway that promotes cancer cell growth. They are specifically indicated as a combination therapy for patients with melanoma whose tumors express gene mutations called BRAF V600E and V600K. The BRAF protein is involved in the regulation of normal cell growth, but it is mutated in approximately half of melanomas arising from the skin. Source: FDA .


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