Learning about MJ by surfing the web


I see Spiderman in a new light. Several hours a night for over a year and every free moment I have, I read about Mary Jane (MJ) thanks to the web. MJ, meaning cannabis, that is. So this picture became very symbolic to me.

From herbal books, Chinese medicine, ancient trade routes and spices, Hindi meds, anecdotal testimonies featuring photos showing melanomas vanishing after cannabis oil is applied to them, and fully-recovered patients begging the FDA to consider clinical trials of medicinal pot for others – I have spent hours reading, noting and viewing.

According to an entire year’s worth of hourly reading about cancer – from patents to clinical studies, to anecdotal evidence and numerous youtube testimonials, MJ seems to offer the only cure. Or, in a worst-case scenario, it provides a powerful pain reliever stronger than morphine – without the side effects.

As devil’s advocate, I’ve devoted weeks to searching for “cannabis hoax” or “lies about pot” or “pot does not cure cancer” only to find more about how pot cures cancer. I could find no source that said pot does not or could not cure cancer.

As a web writer, SEO person and social media manager, I know how keywords work. I also know very well that companies employ numbers of people to write blogs for them to remain in top rankings on search engines. Pharmaceutical companies and the American Cancer Society have ample funds to saturate web ranking with hiring people like me to write many, many blogs. Not to get all web-design-y on you, but those sites (unlike your typical stoner blogger who owns a small dispensary web site) enjoy higher quality links, huge numbers of followers and subscribers, better internet “neighborhoods”, advertising budgets for Google Adwords, and other envious factors that create better ranking. In other words – it should be VERY easy to find sites against cannabis. It’s not.

American Cancer Society, I feel your pain. I write for a flooring blog and cannot get on page 2  of web rankings because Armstrong Flooring pays big dollars to writers to fill volumes of content. So, AMC, why aren’t you and big pharma companies out-ranking pot web sites? You have the money to fund it. It’s because the testimonies about cannabis are just that numerous, and because people are tired of being told they will die with standard treatments. The best cure for melanoma still seems to be cutting, but when it comes to stuff you really need, like organs, you’re SOL. What does seems to work, however is cannabis.

Even big pharma is investing in MJ. Patents cost about $7-10,000. So, who’s investing in it? Here’s a patent for the treatment of cancer using phytocannabinoids:

Treatment of Cancer using pot MJ cannabis oil

What does cancer do according to research? Cited from the above patent:

“Researchers however have discovered that some cannabinoids, including THC and cannabidiol (CBD) are able to promote the re-emergence of apoptosis so that some tumours will heed the signals, stop dividing, and die. The process of apoptosis is judged by observation of several phenomena including: reduced cellular volume, condensation of nuclear chromatin, changes in distribution of phospholipids in plasma membrane phospholipids, and cleavage of chromatin into DNA fragments called DNA ladders.

Another method by which tumours grow is by ensuring that they are nourished: they send out signals to promote angiogenesis, the growth of new blood vessels. Cannabinoids may turn off these signals as well.

Cannabinoids have been shown to have an anti-proliferative effect on different cancer cell lines. The cannabinoids THC, THCA, CBD, CBDA, CBG and CBC and the cannabinoid BDS THC and CBD were tested on eight different cell lines including DU-145 (hormone-sensitive prostate cancer), MDA-MB-231 (breast cancer), CaCo-2 (colorectal cancer) and C6 (glioma cells). The data for each cannabinoid in each different type of cancer varied but generally the best data were observed with CBD or CBD BDS. The IC50 values for all the cannabinoids on the DU-145 were quite high inferring that none of the cannabinoids tested were particularly effective in the inhibition of hormone-insensitive prostate cancer (Ligresti, 2006)”

So, Choose door #1 or door #2?

Should we get rid of the house, pack up, store everything and move 1,000 miles away? Or face the truth and gamble with a very, very low probability of recovery by doing the traditional thing?

Option #1 – The Traditional Route

The FDA has approved a combination of Interleukin-2 combined with Zelboraf for late stage melanoma cases. If Kevin carries the B-RAF (V600E) mutation – and he likely does – he would be a candidate for this treatment. This combo can be effective in terms of cure for about 6% of the population. However, it’s best with the young, and less effective with age. In terms of cure, men fare worse with this diagnosis and treatment – they don’t know why.

For most people using the Interleukin-2 / Zelboraf combo (which, by the way makes you very ill) effectiveness stops at about 5-7 months, and the melanoma once again gains more momentum. Late stage melanoma patients, on average live less than a year or more, depending on whether metastasis has occurred in multiple organs or the brain. Other factors such as general health of the patient will factor in as well, and that can greatly help life expectancy too, as well as his ability to tolerate nausea and flu symptoms. Subcutaneous metastasis is a major factor, yet less critical than organ involvement. Kevin has a PET scan to do yet, so we can see where, if any, other metastatic areas are.

With this option we keep our  home. I give my freelance accounts to Kevin to work from home (he’s already freelancing + helping me with overflow work). I get a traditional 9-5 job and obtain secondary insurance or replace our current policy. Some people tell me we should just face the truth, while thousands of web sites tell us not to give up, and that cannabis truly works.


Option # 2 – The Radical Route

What the hell. It’s only a house and junk inside. Sell it, leave it, store it and go for it! YOLO!

Unlike just about anyone else I know, we can work from anywhere. Since Kevin is no longer working at the shop he’s helping with my freelance overflow work, which means we can sell off what we can and work remotely. And by remotely, I mean on the road to Washington State, our new temporary home, where medical marijuana is legal. You can grow your own if you want, and mix your own meds, use your own judgement. Why not? The alternative isn’t much better.

Option #2 is the radical option to use cannabis oil – a strong concentration which is taken orally for a 3-month course. It may save Kevin’s life. I have lung nodules as well, although they suspect it’s histoplasmosis. I have been coughing since October of 2013, and will have another CT at the end of this month (January) to see if the nodes are smaller. If not, I will be due for a lung biopsy as well. I hope that cannabis oil will also help me out.

With Option #2 we sell everything we have, move out of our house, say NO to a poor prognosis using traditional meds and YES to cannabis oil (which doesn’t get you high, by the way).

Let’s get something straight – we both hate pot. In the past it has both effected us poorly. We’ve lectured teenagers about it, and as parents have never allowed it in our home. On Facebook I was highly resistant to pro-pot people, and thought they were a little nuts.


Click the photo to read more about Rick Simpson, who figured out a way to create a concentrated, consistent mix for hemp oil, and rid himself of progressed melanoma.

I did not understand that these people weren’t looking for excuses to smoke weed. They understood the many medicinal, extremely powerful healing chemicals in various strains of MJ. Some of them may be in it for the smoking (which I still consider an abuse of the herb), but if MJ heals people and cures cancer they have my thanks for keeping it growing, selling and available until the medical community understands it can cure.

What are we fighting? I keep trying to explain to people what melanoma is. Once melanoma spreads, you have to think of it as black mold on a physical body. It’s often not just one spot. Like a house with black mold you must treat everything systemically, not just radiate or remove one specific area. For example, here are mouse’s lungs with melanoma.

The ultimate Zombie Apocalypse


What melanoma looks like on a mouse’s lungs. Similar to a Zombie Apocalypse, perhaps we can beat melanoma systemically by using cannabis to alert the immune system that something’s wrong. Medicinal users say it works.

With cannabis, the concept is no so much that you are cleaning off the spots everywhere. It’s more that healthy cells do not recognize cannabis, while unhealthy ones do and allow its chemicals in to force the damaged cell to die.

Damaged cells should die, but when they don’t they can become cancerous. Your body knows they aren’t quiet right (which is why things like fevers or night sweats occur). Cancer cells trick your immune system because they still do some normal functions, such as eat sugar, grow and convince t-cells that everything is normal and okay. Obviously, things are not okay – but how to alert your immune system?

Think of fighting melanoma as the ultimate, real-life, life or death Zombie Apocalypse. In this sense, cancer cells are like real-life zombies. They seem right, but are not. They were once normal, but are now killers.

Perhaps the best weapon is getting them stoned enough, that your body can simply shut them off?

Maybe it’s really that simple.


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  1. If you go with option#2 and do not know anyone in Washington, let me know. I have a Daughter-in-law who grew up in and around Kitsap county. This is a cross the sound from Seattle. Fingers crossed for you both! ♡

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