The roles of sugar and pot with cancer

Ever since my research first began when Kevin had cancer, there’s been one thing that has stuck with me: the relationship between sugar and cancer.

I’m no scientist, but I do know cancer cells need sugar.

PET scans (taken to figure out where cancer has spread) work this way:  radioactive dye mixed with glucose is injected before the scan. This is a way to “trick” cancer into showing up on a scan. I think of it this way:

Sugar: “Knock-knock”
Cancer cell: “Who’s there?”
Sugar: “It’s Sugar.”
Cancer: “Oh, awesome, come on in! Make yourself comfortable and bring more.”
Cancer:”DUDE, Cinnamon, whatch you doin here?!”
Cinnamon: “Boom!”
Cancer: “Ughhhhhhh”… dying in the cell, making the cell healthy again, or allowing the cell to finally die.

Fortunately cancer is stupid and allows you do to this over and over again. It is like a zombie apocalypse. Cancer cells are not smart, they are mere shadows of regular cells which are hijacked by disease. The one smart thing they do is obscure themselves from your immune system by appearing (chemically) to be like your other cells. This is where Viagra is showing promise.

Cancer cells eat 15 x more glucose than normal cells.

Cancer cells need large amounts of sugar to grow, so glucose is quickly allocated to fast growing or high-need glucose areas. The radioactive dye goes with the glucose – and voila, fast growing cells show up on the PET scan, alerting docs to possible malignancies. Other areas which use a lot of glucose are your brain and possible small ares of infections your body is fighting.

In my opinion, sugar is an important and overlooked delivery system for cancer. I think it’s a powerful weapon which should be used wisely, and otherwise avoided. In other words – fast from sugars as much as possible until you want a cancer weapon cloaked with it. Use sugar strategically.

Personally, if I crave sugar, I will now only use it occasionally, and only with cinnamon. Why? Because cinnamon apparently kills the microbes inside cancer cells, and helps to get your cells back to normal.

I have always been convinced that what we eat causes most of our problems. This is because eating is one of our most consistent activities, and often the one people put the least care or quality into – otherwise, there would be no fast food restaurants.

In my opinion, we’ve been trained to eat without question. We gulp tap water, soda, milk or juice with complete trust. We forget things like, if cows have mastitis or other infections they simply dilute the bad milk with good milk so it reaches an acceptable level. Um, gross. 

We eat while doing other things and never think about the chemical make-up (even the good stuff) of what we eat, as we’re eating. Even when eating healthy foods, most of us are simply trying to not be hungry. We also eat too much, and too many bad things.

Food for human beings, I think, should be looked upon more as medicine, not merely a meal. This is one of the reasons I think blessing my food (via saying grace or while cooking) is so important. I bless the source or animal which gave its life, I direct the food to accomplish certain things – either healing or providing nutrients, for myself and others.

I’ve also noticed when I cook with holy salt, everyone mysteriously raves over the food. Why is that? Could it be that intention changes the nature or delivery of nutrients?

Alternative yet approved treatments for malignant brain cancer

Controlling brain cancer metabolism by diet, via

Cancer, Pot and Oxygen

I’ve always had an interest in medicinal gardening. Before health issues became a concern, it just struck me as interesting that people made, and later marketed their own medicines. The cures were many! Even licorice could cure a huge range of things – which I would think should have been a huge, red flag to gullible buyers! However, given the huge range of benefits of Viagra, I’m beginning to wonder.

Could it be the chemicals in the herbs, spices, foods and drinks we ingest are much more powerful than we ever imagined?

I’ve known two lifelong, daily pot smokers who died young from lung cancer, so I assumed that harsh junk caused cancer – and quickly. However, there’s emerging evidence that seems to show pot can actually reduce tumors by 50%, increase lung capacity, thereby introducing more oxygen to organs and the bloodstream. There is even speculation that the fact that pot smokers inhale and hold their breath might even be a factor.

But the results are clear: Dude, most pot smokers have better lung function.

Interestingly, research is also finding pot can help control obesity – another factor in the list of cancer risks (they think due to the production of too much estrogen – which can help cells grow). Personally, I feel fat can also be a symptom of things gone awry, not always the cause.

While the internet abounds with interesting ideas and quackery, here are some interesting finds about pot and cancer – and not just about making your appetite better with chemo or having fun with a strobe light:

THC cuts lung cancer tumor growth in half  After three weeks of treatment, tumors shrank by about 50 percent in animals treated with THC, compared to those in an untreated control group, the researchers reported.

What the government says about pot and pot / cannabis – surprising it isn’t legalized everywhere

Marijuana helps prevent lung cancer if not overused

Cannabis may halt diabetes and help control obesity

Pot smokers have healthier lungs than tobacco smokers

No association between pot and lung cancer

Inhaled cannabis reduces Crohn’s symptoms

Here’s something else – cancer hates oxygen.

Let’s get one thing clear. We have known for a long time what cancer hates. It hates oxygen. And, as discussed earlier, we also know what it loves – sugar. In my humble opinion, those are 2 of the 3 things you need for a successful war. The third thing is how to deliver it.

It’s also important to remember it’s not that the cells are evil. It’s what the cells are doing. If you can convert unhealthy cells back, that’s ideal.

Otto Heinrich Warburg, one of the 20th century’s leading biochemists, won a Nobel Prize in 1931, then was nominated three more times (still a record). Warburg discovered that the respiration of cells – especially cancer cells – and the metabolism of tumors are related to oxygen and the fermentation of sugar. He stated:

“Cancer, above all other diseases, has countless secondary causes. But, even for cancer, there is only one prime cause. Summarized in a few words, the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar.” —Otto H. Warburg, [10]

To put it very simply, instead of “breathing” as normal cells do, cancer cells use the fermentation of sugar. Currently the prevailing thought is that this phenomenon is a symptom of genetic mutations, not the cause of cancer. Warburg refuted this theory as late as 1966 when he said, “the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar.”

How your cells grow by making the wrong choice.

Now, these ideas are being revisited as a treatment for solid tumors. The chemical ical dichloroacetic acid (DCA) promotes the activity of the mitochondria (the membrane covered part inside a cell which generates energy) and can kill cancer cells in vitro (in a test tube), and has shown promise in clinical trials with animals. While this works in some cancers, it has not worked in situations where the mitochondria are shut down.

Here are three hospitals working on that research:

He felt it worked this way – cancer cells switch to fermentation rather than aerobic  respiration. Strangely, cancer meds have not used this finding, but locating metastasized cancers through PET (positron emission tomography) is common.

How does pot play a role?

Other interesting info:

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