One Hot Mama

We’re gearing up for a reunion this Labor Day Weekend. Meanwhile, we’ll be heading down to the other side of the fam for a visit. My mom and I got together to go through them and scanned what we could for a group-effort PowerPoint made by Kory (thanks for coordinating everything!). There is so much uncommon, general “like” among us. We truly enjoy each other. Reunions and any kind of get-together are loud affairs. Every single person is interesting. We’re very lucky! So, I wanted to share some photos. I had time tonight to play around with Photoshop and one of my favorite pics – of my grandmother. Not great for showcasing my Photoshop skills, but it was fun.

Once I get some photos of the other side of the family I’ll post some of those also. I love old photos, even of strangers.

My grandmother, affectionally called “Mama” by me & my siblings. As the oldest, I couldn’t pronounce “Mama” in correct Italian dialect, so it’s more like “Moma” – or so I’m told. I think this photo of her is from the ISO? She’s gorgeous.

one hot mama

She was an artist, and patiently sketched profile after profile so I could learn how to draw people. (I still have one of her sketches here somewhere). Like elephants caressing the bones of those they knew as they walk their trail, Mom & I looked at photo after photo unable to separate real memories from memorized ones. I miss all of these irreplaceable people so much. We all do. I hope there’s a heaven.

So, here are some hops and skips through the life of my great grandmother, Mary Stodola Kazimour:

Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 8.21.21 PM

My great grandmother dressing up with friends and taking photos. Something my kids still did at this age!

display 28

Doe-eyed and in love with the handsome bloke that was to become her husband, my great grandfather.

Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 8.20.43 PM

With faces already showing the concerns of parenthood, starting a farm. Little did they know during this photo that the Great Depression was only a few years away.

display 18

Raising kids – one of my favorite pics – this looks like a photo I would have taken with my kids. My grandmother (Mama) appears at the far left.

walkin the sts

Taken only a few years later than the above photo, my great grandmother and great aunts are walking downtown. My great grandmother never learned how to drive, so I’m sure my great grandfather drover them!

display 21

My mother and cousin with my great grandmother. My uncle is in the foreground.

John and Mary Kazimour

display 10

Here we meet at Happy Chef (if memory serves). My mother, looking like a teenager, my great grandfather and great grandmother.


One thought on “One Hot Mama

  1. Amazing fabulous photos … you summed up my feelings completely … can’t wait for this weekend and a loud, crazy gathering!


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