2013 – The Year of Portable Walls

Who would have thought that portable walls would be such a necessary thing for museums? As it turns out museums love them, and Kevin’s invention of this system is now patent pending! The walls look like real walls, but slide together, and function a lot like huge building toys that can be reconfigured in different rooms, walls or hallways. Pretty cool to play with grown up toys!

2013 the year for portable walls

Kevin training how to set up the portable museum walls.

We had another near-brush-elbows with the stars moment, when we delivered and helped to set up our museum walls for the Michael Jackson tribute exhibit in Gary, Indiana. These walls were just delivered this past weekend. Unfortunately we had to leave to get back to work, so we were unable to see Michael’s mother and children – it would have been a great treat to meet them!

In all, the walls created a total of 128 linear feet of useable exhibit space. This would have taken days to build using regular stick-built and dry wall construction, but with our walls it only took about 3 hours to completely set up the entire floor plan.  Due to the uneven floor (some walls had to go over both carpet & marble flooring) leveling the walls took about 2 hours. We provided a fresh coat of paint also – so for the entire installation and set-up help it took 4 people and about 9 hours. The next day the Chicago Blues Museum started hanging pictures! So in less than 24 hours the empty room was completely transformed.

portable museum walls

The set up went so quickly that the curator had a hard time keeping up with the walls! She had a head start measuring, but they quickly caught up with her.

The exhibit starts today in commemoration of his birthday. It will feature a collection of photos belonging to the Chicago Blues Museum – many of them never before seen by the public. The exhibit is on display at the Majestic Casino.

As always, we meet some fabulous folks in our travels. In this case, Greg and Stefanie, who run the Chicago Blues Museum. Here’s a great video where Greg talks about the museum. Greg’s vast collection of music memorabilia and his decades of experience playing with musicians over the years (and around the world) are fascinating to hear about. The Michael Jackson exhibit is only one example of the collection.

The Majestic Casino in Gary, Indiana, where this exhibit will be on display from August 29 through September 5, 2013, is full of musical talent, and very hospitable staff. In fact, every single person we met in Gary was extremely nice – whether passing them in a store, or chatting with them in the parking lot.

The Majestic Casino is located in an older part of Gary, right off the shore of Lake Michigan. The restaurant features a panoramic view of Lake Michigan.

Here’s a photo of Kevin and I after we lost money at the casino. We’re not good gamblers, but thought it was worth a try after the long drive!

Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 2.18.17 PM

Happy, but $100 poorer! We’re standing in front of the poster advertising the Michael Jackson exhibit at the Majestic Casino in Gary, Indiana.


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