After delivering museum walls to the Museum of Five Points in Cleveland, TN, we drove to Chattanooga for a visit with two if Kevin’s sisters and a nice stay at the Delta Queen River Boat Hotel on the Tennessee River.

After weeks of hard work we were ready for a bit of R&R before heading back home. (Kevin especially had worked many more hours of physical labor).

The Delta Queen River Boat Hotel is historically preserved, maintained by a small crew and volunteers who keep the woodwork and brass in shiny condition. Air conditioned rooms were already reserved by our arrival, and we unfortunately stayed during one of the hottest nights of the year. But the hotel manager started up the ancient generator and got the AC running, and handed us a small oscillating fan. The tepid air from the two circular vents in the low ceiling eventually cooled the room down to about 78 degrees. I think if the boat had not been moored the air would have been circulating much better, but by early morning it was cool enough for a blanket. 🙂

It really allows you to experience what it was like to be on a boat back in the day. No televisions in the rooms and tiny, quaint bathrooms with incredible detail – brass, tile and plasterwork, crystal doorknobs.

We later took a brief walk in the Chattanooga Choo-Choo gardens. Train cars are hotel rooms (already booked though). The shops and gardens are beautiful.

In spite of the heat, glad to be here with Kevin! We also saw Ruby Falls, a huge cave 1200+ feet underground.








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