Life’s a Beach!


Surgeries are done, I’m nearly completely healed up (only a few weeks to go before I can lift 15 lbs.) Life is great, and busy beyond belief.

We’re building props for one of our favorite customers. This year with a beach theme. Among many other projects going on.

Among other props, we have 21 surfboards to create. There are no surfboards in Iowa (that I could find), so we’re going by what we saw online, and from the instructions of the art/set director. They are so fun to look at. Too bad we don’t have more time to make some for ourselves for decorating the boys’ room. It’s always the case with these jobs – cool stuff and rush! It’s fun work – physical and artistic. It’s nice to be away from the desk for awhile.

Other projects continue: writing, watercolor painting for a children’s book, lots of writing & SEO work, and of course, selling product for StickerSkinz, which will hopefully be in a few HyVee’s in the next few weeks.


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