Life is Good + New Hair

the-year-without-a-santa-claus-2Well, it looks like we don’t need to move!

Thanks to Ollie, the contract holder, it appears we can adjust the contract somewhat, so we have a little flexibility. I’m mourning my big chance to live in a trailer, but it’s nice to stay home.

Kevin is healing up very well, and sees the doc next week for a follow-up visit. His hair is growing back fast. His wounds still need daily attention but are nearly healed. The large area where the lesion was will take a couple of months to completely heal, they tell us.

Great news too – Kevin won a bid for a substantial project. This is delightful because he feels SO back to normal now. Plus it takes a lot of financial pressure off. Wonderful!

It’s nice to focus on the lighter side of life! Here are some trivial things we’ve been doing:

Kevin was given a gorgeous, leather couch. It’s used, but was quite expensive – he got it for free! The patina is great, and it looked like it belonged here all along. We’ll donate the couch & love seat  I bought in 2008 to St. Vincent De Paul, unless someone decides they want it (so far no takers). As a young mom I used to wonder why people gave away or sold perfectly good furniture. Stuff like that was so helpful when the budget was tight. I’m SO grateful to be among those who can give away good stuff, and help someone else as I was helped!

Mandy helped me realize a lifelong curiosity – what I would look like with light hair. It’s fun to have a new look! Although I’m not used to waking up and looking like this character above! YIKES! This hair takes work, but it’s fun to have a new look for awhile.

Chalk the Walk is coming up. The first weekend in May. Here’s the facebook page if you’re interested:
It’s a great & fun event. If you come, be sure to vote for us! They’re distributing prizes this year. VERY FUN.

I can’t help but think that all of these great turn of events are the result of prayer & very positively applied energy. You can see this with plants right away, but it’s truly remarkable when it happens to your life. Thanks each and everyone. It really made a huge difference!




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