Phone number keypad

No health news – just a keypad. I got annoyed calling the gas company, and found this online. Apparently pressing “0” fifty times doesn’t help.

So, here’s an old school phone key pad I found, if you ever need to dial for letters using numbers.

Why use it? Have you called a place on your cell phone and have the virtual operator say, “If you know the last last name of the party you’re trying to reach, use your keypad to dial the first 4 letters of the person’s name….” Until voice activation actually works and you can simply say the person’s name, this will have to do.

I have no idea why so many voice message systems still ask you to type in a corresponding letter for someone’s name, when landlines are on the decrease. So, I found a virtual keypad if you want to download it, print it, tape it to the visor in your car.




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