Filling in this Friday

Infographic of Kevin's head

A sophisticated infographic showing  the current status of Kevin’s scalp.                                   (The golf ball is only there to show relative size.) 

Kevin’s  next procedure will be to fill the hole left by the melanoma surgery. This will take place this Friday, March 15th. Similar to holes in a golf course, the outpatient surgery will patch in the missing spot – about 2.5″ or more around. They think they can do this without a skin graft.

After this comes routine PET scans and lab work to keep an eye on 3 spots in Kevin’s lungs (could be anything, but they want to be sure it’s not melanoma). Otherwise, he’s clean!!

Very lucky!

Happy Early St. Patty’s Day!



One thought on “Filling in this Friday

  1. Tried to leave a comment via my phone, it must not be smart enough!

    WOO HOO! So happy to hear all the good news and your good news too in regard to your issue Kathy!


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