Note to self: Don’t shave

Shaving your face is a bad idea when your lymph nodes are still saying “What the hell dude? Why did you cut me out??”

Ah, the delicate and brilliant mechanisms of the human immune system we take for granted.

The minor, microscopic cuts from a very new razor normally wouldn’t create a problem. However, the internal traffic jam caused by too much lymphatic fluid, and no where for it to go is really pissing off Kevin’s neck. And it shows!

Kevin’s face, from his left temple to his left jawline, now sports a very red rash. To make things even more interesting, his neck is swelling – this morning he looks like he’s growing a small goiter. He will probably need a trip to the doctor this morning. Someone shield me from his consternation! His is as irritated as his freshly-shaven face!

Onto our first course of the day: Q-tips, peroxide, fresh saline and Vaseline. Day 7 of our every-4-hour regimen. It’s not too bad, and for the most part Kevin has been a terrific, easy-going patient – both here and at the hospital.

Cigarrettes are out, going on to week 3 – which is great!

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