Good news and bad news

The good news first:

Very good news:

On a good note, Kevin’s day getting MRI, CT scans and ultrasounds went very well. The ultra sound found two, tiny suspicious areas – too small to do a needle biopsy. They felt this was possibly just an infection and sent him home without doing the biopsy. Of course, the sentinel node biopsy is the determining factor in his stage and treatment and there’s still a risk that it has invaded the node, but this was very good news!! No word yet on when the surgery is – we suspect it will be later next week, but have not received confirmation.

More good news:

Kevin did some demo work last week, and has some other projects coming up once the surgery date is determined and he has an idea of a timeline for recovery.

I’ve been frantically surfing trying to find any possible, even puny freelance job I can find. This has been a promising week. I found a new client this morning, bid on another new client last week, and received another new client (albeit a cheap one) to help fill in between projects. My goal is many long-term clients to fill up my week and evenings if possible. No checks yet, but firm commitments, which is wonderful!!! It’s very nice I can do my work at home.

Bad news:

I just learned yesterday I will likely need to get a hysterectomy, and soon. After a trip to the hospital Tuesday night for pain & profuse bleeding, I learned I have a giant cyst, 8cm x 10cm. Due to some other strange medical symptoms I will need a uterine biopsy next week. Yep – there’s that word biopsy again!

Given other symptoms and my age, the GYNO felt it warranted the biopsy and hysterectomy at the same time he removes the cyst. I said no problem. Frankly, I’m tired of researching cancer, and what little I read scared me. I should know the biopsy results March 11. No idea on the surgery date but we don’t want to wait. The cyst has already doubled in size since December. (I knew about it earlier, but in lieu of Kevin’s stuff, put my appointment on hold until this past week.)

The  timing of my recovery is the main concern: I’m  hoping this doesn’t happen at the same time as Kevin’s surgery or recuperation! They told me I couldn’t afford to worry about that right now, which made me worry more. Good thing Mom & Jilly are available for help.

With this news, the move to the trailer is definite. Kevin and I filled out the application to the lot rental place (you rent the lot separately from the trailer). We had a fun time visiting with the people who worked there – very nice folks.

War stories

While Kevin and I didn’t know each other until 2009, many of our life events are the same. Both artists, both have 5 kids, both self-employed, etc. So we enjoy sharing stories of our lives from being poor with a bunch of kids, and how we cut corners and made things work out. You know, war stories. Recipes we invented, the ways we out-endured and out-smarted the mean things life does now and then. So, we are embarking on another adventure, as I see it.

The happy, yellow siding on the trailer we’re getting is like driving up to our own little paradise. While it only saves a few hundred a month, it’s saving something, so moving appears to be certain. I look forward to simplifying our lives in that small space. Now the challenge is to condense 4 floors of stuff – basement to attic, plus the garage, and all before two surgeries! Sell what we can, store what we can afford, and move the rest. (If you want junk, please stop by!) It’s difficult to get my mind around, and must be done quickly. Our friends and family will “love” that we’re moving in snow and ice! I told Kevin, perhaps this will be another great war story.

I found a potential buyer for the house to help our contract holder, so we do what we can to help the transition. Kevin and I figured he’s done about $13k in work on the house, so at least we know we’re leaving it much better than we found it, and the contract holder will have a better product to list.

I’ll update about my biopsy & surgery when I learn more.

These are incredibly weird times. We can’t wait until these storm clouds pass.


One thought on “Good news and bad news

  1. Well one step forward, one minor step back … sorry I was out of town and catching up. OK, you both have been in my prayers, but there will be a slight change :> Hang tough and if I can help, let me know – happy to do so!


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