T-shirt vote

oingo_boingo_skull_logo_music_black_tshirt_704319e8We want your vote!

Amy wants to create t-shirts; we want to create awareness about melanoma – especially for melanoma on the scalp because this is one place it never occurred to us to look. Plus, it can be very progressed and deadly by the time most are discovered.

I thought this ambiguous & funny t-shirt might appeal to younger folks and prompt some questions. I think I’ll add “LEARN MORE ABOUT MELANOMA” in smaller type below what’s there now. This quote, by the way, is from the movie “The Jerk”.

It was suggested that I create a character for melanoma, but I have to give that some thought. I might just create a blotch so people have a general idea of what isn’t a good mole.

I want to do a press release and try to get a story out there before the weather gets warm.

Thoughts?  Suggestions?




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