Help is on the way

If you have cancer, you can’t ask for a better situation than to be surrounded by a family with doctors – including a general practitioner, a physician’s assistant, and my cousin who is an oncologist. My aunt is also an orthopedic surgeon, although we probably won’t need her expertise.

My cousin Annette, whom I’ve spent many hours playing Barbies with when we travelled to Iowa as kids, grew up to become an oncologist. Everyone has been helpful and has offered terrific advice, but we’re especially lucky we have this specific specialist to help us navigate the best treatment, best surgery, etc. She is very hopeful, which is the best news we’ve received all week.

Kevin’s next appointment is tomorrow, which is when we’ll hear the PET results. Annette has asked us to fax them to her, so she can offer some advice. This is so great – we are both exhausted from reading and trying to learn all we can about an industry we’re not familiar with.

The next challenge is financial. Amy & Lisa came by last night and we discussed fundraising ideas. I’m hoping we can accomplish two things from this: to create a slush fund to afford consistent care & meds, and to donate a portion to other families in this situation (to tithe is my goal – 10%). We would much rather earn the money and work hard, but in lieu of a lack of clients for the revenue we need, I fear we will need the help from others too.

I’ve talked with Kevin about moving so we can cut expenses, and possibly surrendering the van since the payments are high, but doing that will take a month or two to save up for rental deposits and stuff like that. The course of treatment & prescriptions will determine how much, but figures I’ve googled are unimaginable. Good thing my insurance is good, since care will be 100% after we meet our deductible. However, prescriptions will be the thing.

Please be sure to spread the word about web design – I’m willing to work day & night to earn what we need. Plus, I can train Kevin too, so he can help this way, rather than doing physical labor if he doesn’t feel up to it as he undergoes treatment.

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