A good look at melanoma on the scalp

Okay, not to gross anyone out or anything, but check your scalp & your spouse’s scalp to look for this – click on the photo to enlarge:

Melanoma on the Scalp

Here’s a better photo of Kevin’s melanoma on his scalp. This shows what remains after the punch biopsy – the punch biopsy took the tallest part of the lesion. I wanted to post this photo as an update to you all so you can see, but also for the sake of others dealing with this problem who need to take a look at a scalp melanoma photo before surgery. It’s critical to find these early, when they are only the size of a pencil eraser or smaller. If you find one, contact a dermatologist immediately. Don’t play around – one in three people will develop melanoma in their lifetime.

We never knew this existed, and figured hair would block UV rays – it doesn’t. Be sure to check your scalp and other moles regularly. We’re also learning about the BRAF V066 gene mutation (pronounced “B-RAFF”), which occurs in 50% people who have melanoma.


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