Life Altering

No news yet about the PET scan results.

Surrounded by love.

We are learning it’s a fight on nearly every front. In every formerly secure area of your life you are assaulted, except perhaps with the exception of only one area: spiritual. I told Kevin last night, the only one good thing in this whole situation is experiencing the enormity of love that surrounds him. We each can only do what we are able; but collectively we are formidable.

Cancer changes things as we know it.

I was told by the cancer financial counselor that we had great insurance, but to save every penny so Kevin never goes without a treatment. Then she handed me a paper with lists of food banks and other places we need to utilize to cut grocery costs. We were already working hard to generate business, and now we have to redouble that effort – somehow. This is why we will need fundraisers. Amy and Lisa offered to tackle this, which is great. We’ll share more on that when they get a plan together.

If you know anyone who needs a web site, or any kind of graphics, social media, blogging, please send them my way. With this I can stay right here and work, or bring my laptop and be with Kevin.


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