Can’t Sleep

I work up at 3:30 am, said my rosary, and had an idea. I would make a calendar for a fundraiser.

I always wondered what the money is used for when people have fundraisers for folks with cancer. You see, what happens is your life is that everything comes to a halt. We had tightened our belts since business was slow, but his was the worst time, financially speaking, for this to happen. Kevin wants to work, but I suspect he will need to recover for awhile as treatments and surgery happens. So, I need to cover our  two incomes, plus the shop overhead until I can get a plan together and make some necessary changes. I think I’m up to the task and will do my best.

This has also been the best time in terms of spending time together and paying attention –  we’ve had a lot of fun until the cancer thing, and for that I’m truly grateful. Kevin is just great company to be around all the time! I’m so lucky!

Yet the problem remains, so I need to do some quick thinking. So I thought of a fundraiser. The first of several I’m sure, until this ordeal and our situation is more under control. This one will be a calendar.

I figure, if I have 2 months to trim our expenses between home and the shop, and we move to a smaller place, we should be okay. I think I can get costs much lower by then. Unless of course there’s a miracle, and I get an outstanding, regular client who pays a lot of money and we can hold everything together. Weird things have happened like that before, so you never know.

On a lighter note, I found this just a bit ago surfing through photos – this is our very first correspondence! When we first met online! I was shocked to see that the date was February 24, 2009 – nearly exactly 4 years ago. Did I wink first Kevin? I thought you found me? LOL.

how we met

I also found this awesome photo Hannah snapped of us in Florida.


And this one, on our way back home. We stopped at Riggazi’s in St. Louis, one of my favorite lunch places when I lived there. Hannah made us pose and Kevin stole a kiss!



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