It’s malignant.

I treated Kevin for lunch at the Tic-Toc yesterday.  We had just finished eating when the doctor called and confirmed it was malignant. They said it was “deep” – 4mm. They scheduled an appointment with an oncologist, whom we see this morning at 9. Dr. Reed.
Last night we simply drove around a lot like two zombies. We checked out a new winery I hadn’t seen yet, and continued south an hour to the casino, where we lost $20 in about 10 minutes. Drove back to Steph’s bday party, which was fun and a nice, needed distraction. Came home and talked for hours about everything from acid to art, molecules to spirituality, and cried, laughed and talked more.
Hopefully today he will get the PET scan done today to see how everything else looks, and find out the stage & course of treatment. So, time to stay strong.

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