How we met in spirit – Almost Meeting Kevin at Chalk the Walk Mt. Vernon Iowa

The empty space at Chalk the Walk – How Kevin and I met, before we met.

Chalk the Walk Mt Vernon 2008

2008 was a treacherous year. I was going through a terrible divorce after a 12 year marriage. It was unexpected, sad and frightening. I was disheartened and disoriented. I had invested 15 years into what ended up being a dumb idea. I had no idea how to date anymore, and wasn’t sure I wanted to – I didn’t date for a full year. My good friend Jilly talked me into many fun events. She had to do a lot of talking! I was depressed, unwilling and unaccustomed to going out. So, I did some new things. I ate well, got lots of exercise, had fun with the new rental house I found, gardened, and… I saw a psychic – first time ever.

The psychic told me I would meet someone – a “soul mate”. I figured this was just psychic rhetoric, but I still thought about it from time to time, and how nice that would be if it were true. She told  me, “You’ve learned enough in your life by suffering. Now you will learn from joy.” At the time, I asked her what was taking this supposed soul mate so long to get here then. She said, “He’s working on his stuff too. Just keep an attitude of gratitude in all you do. Gratitude for everything. Follow your instincts, pay attention to your intuition. Do a good job, or you will miss each other when the time comes.”

Meh… ok. It was fun to think about. Mostly, it just ended up being a very refreshing year full of new experiences and revisited ones. I learned I actually liked living alone and being single – not like dating single, but living without a husband for once.

Jilly called me one Saturday afternoon. She said, “You absolutely must come to Chalk the Walk this year! We have an artist who backed out at the last minute, and I have an empty space to fill ASAP”. I wasn’t enthused. She explained she was volunteering this year, and needed me there. She knows I’d respond faster to guilt than fun, sadly. She said artists from everywhere go to it, there’s music, fun people. I didn’t share her enthusiasm, but after saying she would vouch for early morning bloody mary’s, I agreed. I ended up having a complete blast, drew with chalk while listening to my ipod all day,, and enjoyed a steady flow of bloody mary’s. Yet, through the 2-day event, I kept having this feeling I would meet this special person. I expected him to walk up at any time. He didn’t – and in spite of the fun I had, I was very disappointed.

I didn’t know why I had this nagging feeling I’d meet this supposed soul mate that day… until a few years later. Fast forward to 2010, after I married Kevin (my soul mate!) he told me he was supposed to be at Chalk the Walk that same year. He, was in fact, the artist who backed out at the last minute.

I felt like I would meet him, because I spent 2 full days in the same 12′ x 8′ space he would have occupied! The sponsor in Mt. Vernon was Curves for Women. The owners were very nice, and came out to meet me and thank me for drawing that day, since their artist had backed out. The owner ended up being  Kevin’s former girlfriend’s sister-in-law. Then I was Kathy Brown – my divorce was not yet final so my name hadn’t changed yet.

Kathy Kyle sponsored by Curves for Women in Mt Vernon Chalk the Walk Mt Vernon Chalk the Walk

In 2009 I met Kevin, via

My middle daughter talked me into putting tons of make-up on and changing clothes so we could get “advertising” pictures of me. Weird but fun. I felt guilty of false advertising since I rarely wear makeup. But it was fun to play around on Match on Saturdays. It was kind of voyeristic reading profiles. I was amazed at the number of guys who posed with their Harleys. Yuck.

About a month or so later, this guy Kevin contacted me. He had five kids as well, was an artist & sculptor. He even used the same software I did. We chatted for a long time, then ended up on the phone for hours. He was pretty cute too! He left me a voice message on Yahoo chat when I gave him my number (I still have it on my iTunes). We met for lunch a few days later. That was in late February. Our first date was March 3rd, and it never stopped from there.

Later in April, Chalk the Walk 2009 Sent me an invite.

The event was May 5th (if memory serves). The same day as daughter Stephanie’s prom! I asked Kevin if he would go with me. So we went that year, and each year after. Here are a few photos. The last photo at the bottom shows Kevin, me and Jilly after the 2011 Chalk the Walk. A couple hours after we completed the event, the rain came. Just in time!

Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 11.42.55 AM

2727 Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 11.42.26 AM

Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 11.42.47 AM

edited mermaid

I did this mermaid for the 2012 Chalk the Walk Mt. Vernon. My friend & former coworker, Jill Miller and her family visited. Her husband Nick is an artist, so he helped me on some areas too. I hope he does one next year! He’ll be great.


2010 Chalk the Walk drawing in progress. I almost like it better with the pavement showing through, than the final drawing. When the chalk is fresh it’s much more stiking. It’s always somewhat faded on day 2, so when you get there the first order of business is a bloody mary, then touch ups.

kevin making me laughsmfb

We were all full of chalk, having dashed from 2009 Mt. Vernon Chalk the Walk to see Stephanie’s Promenade at Washington HS for her Senior Prom. Kevin was CRACKING ME UP!!!!


Kevin hates being photographed sometimes, but he has such a lovely Roman profile. I snapped this photo. He wonders why I do this, but I love to see his pictures! He’s either making me laugh, or I enjoy how he looks and can’t seem to see him enough.

Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 11.42.36 AM

Originally this was to be Steph’s drawing of the Birth of Venus for Mt. Vernon Chalk the Walk 2009, but since she had prom stuff going on (hair, make-up, etc.) we quickly drew it for her. Here we’re posing with Chris. It was a long 2 days for the boys, who were still pretty little back then.

chalk the walk 2010- lr

2010 Chalk the Walk drawing in Mt. Vernon Iowa. I was going for Heddy Lamar, but I think she turned out looking more like John Travolta. Fun anyway. I still like the drawings in progress more, where the flesh color is worked in, but you can still see raw pavement just beside it – kind of surreal.

2011 chalk the walk 4

I finally won something! Kevin, Kory and Hannah’s drawings attracted a lot of attention too! By the end of 2 days of drawing you’re sun burnt and incredibly sore from kneeling. 2010 I finally got some kneepads! I bought dinner and drinks for all of us with the prize money. Fun!2011 ctw 5


4 thoughts on “How we met in spirit – Almost Meeting Kevin at Chalk the Walk Mt. Vernon Iowa

  1. How fun to read the story of how you met – I’d heard it before but had kind of forgotten some of it! I’m still working on Nick for this, but I think he just prefers the “sidekick” role so far (I sent him a link to your blog post though)


  2. Sounds awesome! Hope to see you all there! Yes, it’s an amazing story. I always wanted a story like this to have in my life – I never tire of reading it or thinking about it. It ain’t perfect for us all of the time, but we agree it sure is great.


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