How to Embed Tweets on Twitter

Interested in how to embed tweets in Twitter? You should make the most of it. It’s gaining in popularity. Not only that, we’ve seen it ourselves, with direct business inquiries an conversations from Twitter networking. As small business goes, we’ve had more inquiries from Twitter and LinkedIn than other social media accounts.

I never understood Twitter. Now I’m an addict.

Confession: Every night before I sleep I read a bunch of tweets from followers, feeds as well as random tweets. It’s faster than the news, sometimes days faster. When Superstorm Sandy hit the Northeast, Twitter was the best way to tell how things were going, since most people could still tweet from their phones or devices, without using tons of power.

If you have a small business and are not using Twitter to network, you should. You should also be posting as many photos as possible (key worded photos, of course).

Twitter now offers a way to embed tweets for photos, videos, articles and more. Here’s how:


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