Theory: Messy Cars Don’t Get Robbed

Step aside clean people, it’s time for someone with a messy car to impart some advice: if you keep your car too clean, you could get robbed. No one likes stealing from a hoarder because it’s just too much work. Ergo, pretend you’re a hoarder, and prevent getting robbed.

I have a theory: Burglars just like the rest of us, love clean cars.

Thieves curiously assume anyone with a clean car must have good stuff to steal. Why is this? Is it reminiscent of their home, or of some sad experience they subconsciously avoid? Is it that messy cars are either too much work to sift through the junk? Perhaps messy cars appear to have someone living in them.

Keep change and purses out of view. You should never leave your purse in your car. Even if your purse is empty, or if you simply have a bag in the car that looks like a purse.

Don’t make it easy!

Most burglars only want to spend about 10 minutes being somewhere they shouldn’t – namely, your house or car. That’s why prevention is important. If burglars were ambitious, tenacious people, they’d have a job, right? So take advantage of their laziness and make them work for it. Chances are they’ll pass your place and move on.

The cities with the most break ins:

  1. Cleveland, Ohio – 2,312.9 burglaries per 100,000 people
  2. Toledo, Ohio – 2,308.6
  3. Columbus, Ohio – 1,970.8
  4. Cincinnati, Ohio – 1,952.7
  5. Memphis, TN – 1,943.7
  6. Detroit, MI – 1,900.1
  7. St. Louis, MO – 1,887.9
  8. Tulsa, OK – 1,816.4
  9. Oklahoma City, OK – 1,731.4
  10. Greensboro, NC – 1,640.9

What do they want to steal?

Thieves want things that can be pawned easily. Collectibles, jewelry, electronics. They’ll target master bedrooms, offices, family rooms.

If you’re dangling at the bottom of the food chain like we are, you don’t really have a lot to steal or pawn. However, you might have a lot of sentimental stuff that would cause a great deal of heartache if broken or stolen. Thieves might take something they think is valuable, but really isn’t – yet it’s still gone from your life. This is why prevention is so important.

  • Close your curtains at night!
  • Don’t show off your stuff to people you don’t know – several of the kids had things like cameras, phones and even an iPad stolen.
  • Limit who your kids bring over to visit until you’ve had a chance to meet them.
  • Stop your kids from breaking into your own house if they lose their key. I can’t tell you how many times this has happened!
  • Change your locks every couple of years. With so many children and lost keys, we figured we had about 20 house keys floating around every 2 years.
  • Watch for your neighb

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